Volume 1,Issue 3,2015 Table of Contents

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Progress in the research of digestive system oncology
  Xianglin Yuan
  2015,1(3):97-98 [Abstract]  [View PDF]


Survey of changes in dietary preferences in cancer patients in China
  Jing Li,Liqiong Zhang,Qiujun Tang and Xianglin Yuan
  2015,1(3):99-103 [Abstract]  [View PDF]


Role of inflammatory gene variants in Helicobacter pylori-related gastric cancer
  Miao Li,Jun Li,Zhaozhen Qi,Qiu Tang,Xiangyang Wang and Hongda Lu
  2015,1(3):104-108 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Human papillomavirus-associated diseases and cancers
  Lan Yang,Jiaobo Zhu,Xiaoyue Song,Yan Qi,Xiaobin Cui and Feng Li
  2015,1(3):109-114 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Progress of transformational therapy in colorectal liver metastases
  Fang Xiang and Xianli Yin
  2015,1(3):115-119 [Abstract]  [View PDF]


Preliminary research on dendritic cells loaded with resistant breast cancer antigens in breast cancer-bearing nude mice
  Wei Zhuang and Limin Lun
  2015,1(3):120-124 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Investigation of quality of life in patients with lung cancer by the EORTC QLQ-C30 (V3.0) Chinese version
  Jun Li,Xiaoguang Xiao,Yao Wei,Yang Li,Man Zou,Shiying Yu,Yuan Chen and Qian Chu
  2015,1(3):125-129 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Damage of Wistar rats liver after using hypo-fractionated radiation and oxaliplation
  Mingxuan Chen,Yongheng An,Hongsheng Yu,Yifan Li and Xiaoman Chen
  2015,1(3):130-134 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Dosimetric analysis of tomotherapy-based intensity-modulated radiotherapy with and without bone marrow sparing for treatment of cervical cancer
  Fuli Zhang, Xu Weidong, Jiang Huayong, Wang Yadi, Junmao Gao, Qingzhi Liu, Na Lu, Diandian Chen, Bo Yao, Jianping Chen and Heliang He
  2015,1(3):135-139 [Abstract]  [View PDF]
Expression of PinX1 and hTERT in basal cell carcinoma and their implications
  Long Qin and Jing Ge
  2015,1(3):140-143 [Abstract]  [View PDF]