Volume 8,Issue 3,2022 Table of Contents

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Prognostic role of plasma levels of γ-glutamyl transpeptidase in patients with advanced gastric cancer treated with anti-PD-1 immunotherapy
  Shaojie Xu,Yiming Feng,Xingyin Li,Zaozao Huang,Hewei Li and Ganxin Wang
  2022,8(3):109-153 [Abstract]  [View PDF(242.43 K)]
Occurrence of No.12 lymph node micrometastasis in gastric cancer and its effect on clinicopathological parameters and prognosis
  2022,8(3):115-120 [Abstract]  [View PDF(320.07 K)]
Effects of rearranged during transfection mutation on calcitonin and procalcitonin expression in sporadic medullary thyroid carcinoma
  Yaqiong Ni,Wei Yao,Yunsheng Wang,Hui Wang and Qinjiang Liu
  2022,8(3):121-125 [Abstract]  [View PDF(256.76 K)]
Effects of long non-coding RNA GAS5 on proliferation and apoptosis of hepatocellular carcinoma cells through miR-26a-5p action
  Zunli Yi,Xiaoguang Guo,Xianxue Jiang and Fengmei Luo
  2022,8(3):126-134 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.61 M)]
Prognostic value of serum carcinoembryonic antigen combined with nutritional status control score in patients with colorectal cancer
  2022,8(3):135-139 [Abstract]  [View PDF(357.30 K)]
The role of OR51E2 in colon cancer and rectal adenocarcinoma and the potential underlying mechanism
  siang wei
  2022,8(3):140-145 [Abstract]  [View PDF(731.54 K)]
Ultrasonographic and clinicopathologic features of benign Brenner tumors of the ovary
  2022,8(3):146-149 [Abstract]  [View PDF(304.81 K)]


Spindle epithelial tumor with thymus-like differentiation:A case report and literature review
  Li Zheng,Jin Wang,Lin Ang,Jin Huang and Min Zhao
  2022,8(3):150-153 [Abstract]  [View PDF(361.89 K)]